Renewable (Solar) Energy

RYATUS offers a bouquet of benefits to our Clients from" Concept to Fruition" that includes Site Audit, Design, Statutory Approvals, Installation, Inspection, Utility Connection, Operations and Maintenance. We provide services for CAPEX, RESCO / BOOT Model, EPC ON GRID/OFF-GRID/HYBRID Modes, SLS System, SHLS, Energy Storage& PMC.




  • Design & Engineering

    (Feasibility Study, Site Survey, Plant Design)

  • Statutory Permissions & Approvals

    (Co-ordinating with Local Bodies / Discoms for Land & Plant approvals)

  • Project Installation & Management

    (Installation at Site with technical expertise, identifying and removal of

            Bottlenecks & Training)

  • Project Implementation

    (Vendor Selection, Procurement and Supply to Site, Transit and Logistics


  • Operations & Maintenance

    (Regular Check-up of the Health of the Project, Maximizing Performance,

            Remote Tracking, Revenue Generation)

  • Quality Audit at Site

    (Inventory Quality Checks as per Design and Project requirement)

  • Project Financing

    RYATUS's customized solar rooftop solutions can help clients use their idle roof space to generate inexpensive and reliable power while reducing their carbon footprint and meeting their sustainability goals. Our experience and client-centric approach has enabled us to rapidly execute high-quality solar rooftop solutions for our customers.